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Four Steps to Taking Risk-Free Trade-Ins

1. Activate your PGA Trade-In Network member account!

Membership is FREE and sign-up only takes a couple minutes! (You may also choose to promote your facility on the Value Guide for a one-time set-up fee)

2. Promote your authorized trade-in facility with FREE PGA Trade-In Network resources

  • Print & Display your PGA Trade-In Network Member ID & point-of-sale signs
  • Print & Display the PGA Trade-In Network Condition Grading Assistant
  • Print & Display a hard copy of the MID Trade-In Values
  • Download the PGA Trade-In Network Logo to Create Your Own Signage

3. Accept trade-ins at the MID Trade-In Value* from the Value Guide

Reference either your printed copy of the MID Trade-In Values OR the Value Guide directly on-line to determine the trade-in value. You can apply the value of the trade-ins to immediate purchases, or provide a gift certificate toward future purchases of anything you sell at your facility including hard goods, soft goods, lessons, rounds of golf and even hamburgers.

4. Liquidate trade-ins to the PGA Trade-In Network at the MID Trade-In Value

Accessed through your PGA Trade-In Network account, the Liquidation Tool automatically assigns the MID Trade-In Value to the golf clubs you select, and creates a pre-paid UPS Ground Shipping label and detailed Packing Slip for you to quickly and easily ship the golf clubs to us for rapid check reimbursement. * NOTE: You are free to offer your customers any amount you wish for their trade-ins, but you will always receive the MID Trade-In Value(less shipping) when you liquidate qualifying golf clubs to the PGA Trade-In Network. Qualifying golf clubs are listed with values in the Value Guide and meet the minimum condition and composition criteria detailed in the PGA Trade-In Network Condition Grading Assistant

Issue Gift Certificates for Trade-Ins To Grow Shop Sales

Many shops are boosting holiday gift certificate sales by encouraging customers to convert any unwanted equipment they may have at home into valuable gift certificates they can pass on to others this season. This is a creative way to drive shop sales while at the same time taking some of the burden off of gift givers. (You'll quickly turn any used clubs you take into cash through PGA Trade-In Network Liquidation.)

Issue Golf Lesson Credits for Trade-Ins

A variation on the promotion above, this is a great incentive to encourage lessons.

Use FREE Point-of-Purchase Signage to Promote Trade-Ins

The fact that in shops with trade-in programs as many as one in every two new iron set sales and up to 75% of all new driver sales involves a trade-in as part of the transaction, demonstrates that consumers are willing and eager to buy new equipment when they can offset the cost by trading-in!

Use these FREE Point of Purchase Materials (along with additional promotional efforts such as bag stuffers, hand-outs, web site announcements print advertsing, etc...) to make sure that your customers know that you willingly accept trade-ins!

Login and click on the appropriate link under the "Free Trade-In Resources" header

Turn Your Demo Days into Trade-In Days

Demo Days create motivated buyers!

Having a print-out of liquidation values on hand means you'll be equipped to accept trade-ins right on the spot and close the sale!

Another helpful selling tool: Work with your vendors to come up with added incentives to encourage trade-ins toward the new product being demoed. This incentive may take the form of free merchandise (A free hat if you trade-in a driver towards a new driver) or Manufacturer Cash Bonus (get an additional $25 for your trade-in-paid by Manufacturer) etc...

What PGA Professionals Are Saying About The PGA Trade-In Network

"It's been a great avenue to liquidate all of my demo clubs and trade-ins, I can bring in even more demo products next year knowing I'll be able to re-coup the cost"

-George Ancuta
Knickerbocker Country Club

"We're able to take more trade-ins than we otherwise would, knowing we can always liquidate them if they don't sell in our shop. That takes the worry out of taking trade-ins especially in our slow time of year."

-Tim Whalen
Fiddler's Green Golf Course

"Being a small private club, I'm glad the PGA Trade-In Network was created, this is an additional sales and marketing tool to help me sell more clubs and turn unwanted inventory into cash."

-Rich Waite
Cherokee Ridge Country Club

"It's been very helpful to us... It's nice to finally have an outlet to generate some cash flow from this 'aged' equipment."

-Todd Bork
San Jose Country Club