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PGA Trade-In Network Membership Overview

Why Use the PGA Trade-In Network?

  • Increase sales by up to 50% by actively promoting and accepting golf club trade-ins.
  • Quickly and easily monetize all sorts of golf club inventory including trade-ins, demos, unhit overstock and more.
  • Official PGA of America Initiative designed exclusively for PGA Professionals.
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PGA Trade-In Network Features:

Easy To Use

Easy to Use Website

  • Activate your free account in just a couple of minutes.
  • Quickly find trade-in values for over 5,000 clubs and submit them for payment
  • Print FREE shipping labels right from your desktop printer
  • Packed with free resources to grow your sales
Get More

Get More for Clubs

  • Real-time trade-in values direct from Value Guide
  • Bonus Cash Rewards-Extra $25 for every $500 worth of clubs you send in
  • 30% extra for un-hit clubs
Marketing Resource

Free Marketing Resources

  • Free in-shop marketing kits mailed at your request
  • Free online promotion of your shop on the Value Guide
  • Free digital marketing assets to promote trade-ins online and in emails

"It's been a great avenue to liquidate all of my demo clubs and trade-ins, I can bring in even more demo products next year knowing I'll be able to re-coup the cost"

-George Ancuta
Knickerbocker Country Club

"We're able to take more trade-ins than we otherwise would, knowing we can always liquidate them if they don't sell in our shop. That takes the worry out of taking trade-ins especially in our slow time of year."

-Tim Whalen
Fiddler's Green Golf Course

"Being a small private club, I'm glad the PGA Trade-In Network was created, this is an additional sales and marketing tool to help me sell more clubs and turn unwanted inventory into cash."

-Rich Waite
Cherokee Ridge Country Club

"It's been very helpful to us... It's nice to finally have an outlet to generate some cash flow from this 'aged' equipment."

-Todd Bork
San Jose Country Club